The sugar glider on my hand

What are the cons of having the sugar gliders?

The sugar gliders are vision-healing pets because they are small, and fluffy, with long tails and big eyes. But sugar gliders aren’t a great pet for people who don’t know them well. Many beginners abandon sugar gliders because they can’t accept some of the drawbacks after raising them for a while. Here are the five most unacceptable characteristics of sugar gliders.

The sugar glider on my hand
The sugar glider in my hand

The sugar gliders have a strong smell

After raising sugar gliders for a period of time, many beginners find that the cute animal has a strong smell. The male sugar gliders have this reflected in them. Sugar gliders have no smell before they reach sexual maturity, but once they reach the first estrus period they will ignore the breeding that most animals have in the future. Period rules, strong smell all year round, and especially the smell of urine, is enough to make many people collapse, but they will get used to it after a long time.

And male sugar gliders have their scent glands on top of their head and chest. These two positions will become bald after sexual maturity because they emit pheromones all year round. Many beginners will find that their sugar gliders are slowly balding and turning into Mediterranean hair.

The sugar gliders have higher requirements for food

Although the sugar gliders look like mice, they are actually primitive marsupials of the order of the next order. It is related to koalas and kangaroos, which are native to Australia. It is not possible to raise sugar gliders in the same manner as hamsters. They don’t have any growing teeth or cheek pouches.

The Sugar Glider eating meal worm at night
The Sugar Glider eating mealworms at night

The main food of the wild sugar gliders are arthropods, nectar, petals, leaf buds, tree sap, and fruit.

Just like pet cats have cat food, pet dogs have dog food, pet sugar gliders have special sugar glider main food, most of which are powdered brewed food, which can be divided into HPW, tpg, bwl, etc. Different types are listed according to the raw materials.

In addition to the main food, you can provide the sugar glider with fresh vegetables, fruits, and live insects, as well as the main food. Live worms are essential for raising sugar gliders. They can be mealworms, crickets, and dubia, but you cannot use dried mealworms, that doesn’t make sense.

It is not possible to replace live worms with boiled chicken breast because of the different types of meat and the lack of chitin for the sugar glider to ingest.

They are usually like day off and night out

The sugar gliders look cute, right? But whether it is its big round eyes or thin round ears, it is a typically nocturnal animal feature. They sleep during the day and are active at night.

The sugar gliders sleep during the day
The sugar gliders sleep during the day

Unlike cats, the sugar gliders’ body structure tends to be completely nocturnal, and “jet lag” will only cause irreversible damage to them.

It is not possible for the sugar gliders to modify the work and rest by the method of “do not let it sleep during the day, thereby inverting the sleep habits”, which will damage the sugar glider’s body and mind, and over time.

You should allow sugar gliders to sleep during the day and play at night. When the sugar glider is active at night, it will make noises and parkour in the cage, which will affect your sleep. It is necessary to understand this in advance.

The sugar gliders have a big difference in personality

Sugar gliders have different personalities and behavioral habits than cats and dogs, even though the brain index of sugar gliders is not as good.

“Do the sugar glider bite?”, “Does the sugar glider have a relative?”, “Does the sugar glider recognize the owner?” These are the questions that are asked when some people plan to raise a sugar glider.

There is no fixed answer to these questions because individual differences are common, and the sugar gliders of other people are very clingy and submissive, which does not mean that all sugar gliders are like that.

The individual sugar gliders purchased through the Internet are more likely to have bad personalities than the sugar gliders in the market. The bumps along the way will cause great psychological damage to them, and the progress of pet owners cultivating feelings with them will also be slower, and some sugar gliders even fear people and hate people all their lives.

Gregarious and rapidly reproducing

There may be a serious mental illness if you keep the sugar glider alone, because it is a social group animal with needs, and it is not suitable to be kept alone. If you do that they may have serious self-harm behaviors, such as biting off the scrotum, pulling hair, excessive licking, gnawing on toes, etc.

The Sugar gliders playing together in the garden
The Sugar gliders playing together in the garden

Raising sugar gliders of the same sex will have a great chance of interspecific suppression, so the most appropriate breeding number is one male and one female or one male and more females.

The new problem is that the sugar glider reproduces very quickly. The problem can be solved by age-appropriate sterilization of male sugar gliders, or they will continue to breed.

In conclusion

The sugar gliders became internet celebrities about five or six years ago when several videos of them jumping from a high place, spreading their wings, and gliding onto their owners’ hands became popular on the internet. I think you can decide if you are suitable for keeping sugar gliders as pets after reading these 5 cons of having a sugar glider.