A young sugar glider in the bird cage.
A young sugar glider in the bird cage.

4 things sugar gliders should avoid

We can’t apply the methods of raising any other pets to the sugar glider. Because of their different feeding methods, sugar gliders are not suitable for free-range breeding like hamsters and squirrels. The sugar glider is unique as a new pet, and we cannot take it by chance. There are a lot of items for pets on the market. There are 4 things not suitable for sugar gliders.

A young sugar glider in the bird cage.
A young sugar glider in the bird cage.

Wooden boxes and wooden toys

I have managed several sugar glider breeding groups in the past few years. Some people in the group used wooden boxes to raise sugar gliders. This phenomenon will become more pronounced in winter.

Four common reasons for people’s wrong use of wooden boxes and wooden toys.

First, they are afraid that the sugar glider is cold in winter, and the wooden box is closed, so the thermal insulation performance is good;

Second, the wooden box is relatively small and does not take up too much space, and they can place some sundries on top of the box;

Third, the sugar glider is too noisy at night, and they think it makes less noise to let it crawl in the box;

Fourth, the sugar glider smells terrible, and the wooden box is closed so it can isolate the smell.

It sounds reasonable, but wooden crates are not suitable for sugar gliders, which is something pet owners take for granted.

Why sugar gliders should avoid wooden boxes and wooden toys

The boxes are used to raise the reptiles. Sugar gliders are not reptiles, and they need a transparent environment, vast space, and railings that can jump. The air circulation of the wooden box is too poor, which is easy to breed bacteria, so you can only use cages to raise sugar gliders. It is best to be a group bird cage or a tall bird cage, a chinchilla standard cage at most negligible.

Sugar gliders will chew at the wooden products and cause the thorns to pierce the soles of the feet, so we should not place wooden toys in the cage. Things are going to be very serious once injury and infections are present.

Heat lamps and electric heaters

I mentioned that we couldn’t keep the sugar glider in a wooden box in winter, but they usually install UVA or ceramic lamps in the wooden box to heat the environment and achieve the purpose of heating the sugar glider.

UVA and ceramic lamps are unsuitable for sugar gliders because they emit intense light and affect the sleep of sugar gliders. In contrast, the effective range of ceramic lamps is minimal and may burn them, even if an anti-scalding net is installed.

Sugar gliders are not suitable for heating with electric wire heaters. Several people in the group have burned the ears of sugar gliders because they put them too close to the electric heating device.

To warm the sugar glider in winter, use a small heating pad and place a thick cotton cover outside the heating pad. Remember to add a protective cover to the wires extending into the cage when you put the heating pad in the cotton nest of the sugar glider.

Of course, the best way is to turn on the air conditioner for heating indoors. If you have the conditions, you can also put the sugar glider’s cage next to the heater and keep it at a certain distance.

Cage Matting

People who keep hamsters know it is best to put bedding materials in hamster cages, like sawdust (sawdust), paper particles, corncobs, etc.

However, sugar gliders do not need any form of bedding material. There should be a large cage with a tray and nothing at the bottom. First, it is easy to be soiled by the excrement of the sugar glider, and second, it is easy to be eaten by the sugar glider, which is fatal.

Sugar gliders have sharp mouths. They use their teeth to explore. Although not rodents, they are good at biting and eating.

Clothes and leash

Dressing pets in nice little clothes is a trend in the pet world, but sugar gliders are not like other pets in that they are not suitable for wearing any body-over clothing except hats.

What is the reason? If you like sugar gliders, you should know that they are animals with gliding ability and that the device of sugar glider gliding is the wing membranes.

The sugar glider’s wing is on both sides of its body and connects it to its hind limbs. When it is closed, it is usually not visible. The wing membranes will be stretched when it starts to glide or stretch. If you put clothes on the sugar glider, it will prevent them from spreading the wing membranes, which will cause the sugar glider to be frightened and stressed, and it will wear the wing membranes for a long time.

The same thing is for the traction rope. It can lead to the strain if it is put on the sugar glider’s neck. Using the chest strap will damage the sugar glider’s wing, so we should not use these fancy things on the glider.

In conclusion

After reading the 4 things sugar gliders should avoid above, I hope you can take good care of your sweet sugar gliders. If you want to find out more about sugar gliders and their care, please visit our website for more information.