The white sugar glider on the hand
The white sugar glider on the hand

How to bond with a sugar glider? 4 common ways can work

Sugar gliders are very social, and you should spend a lot of time with them to make them happy. They tend to be very close to you if they get the chance. The 4 ways to bond with your sugar glider are listed here.

The white sugar glider on the hand
The white sugar glider on the hand

Preparations for the sugar glider

When the sugar glider first arrived, we had to prepare a high bird cage, put some hammocks and cotton nests in it, and place the rice bowl, kettle, and large running wheels. The sugar glider should be placed in the cage for at least two days to get used to the new environment. We only need to add water or feed it during this period. Do not disturb its sleep during the day. All follow-up matters have to start after the two-day rest period.

It is possible to get close to the sugar glider in two days. At this time, we can observe its physical condition, such as whether there is any injury or other abnormal conditions, and then look at its attitude toward humans. If you choose a tiny sugar glider by yourself and bring it back home, you can ignore this step.

If the sugar glider doesn’t show fear and hatred towards humans and can let you touch and eat on your hands, you can get very close to it. It should be appropriately handled and not acted rashly if it shows hostility to you.

4 ways to help bond with your sugar glider

Use old clothes to familiarize the sugar glider with our scent

This method is straightforward to follow. The technique is to remove all the sleeping things from the sugar glider cage and then pick one of our old clothes to put in the cage.

Clothes worn for a few days have a smell on them. There is no place to sleep in the cage, the sugar glider will sleep in the clothes, and its resistance to us will be reduced after getting used to the smell.

Some sugar gliders will accept us quickly, some will be slower, and a few tough guys don’t take this set, so we need to try other methods.

Get along in a tent

The method of getting along in a tent is as follows:

Only we and the sugar glider are in the tent, and there is nothing else. The sugar glider had to approach us because there was nowhere to go, so we sat in the tent and let them do it. After a long time, the sugar glider will find that you are not a threat, and the fear will gradually fade.

It is necessary to eliminate fear to cultivate feelings. It will have the feeling of being close to you if it is not afraid of you. Otherwise, everything is impossible.

The method can be changed to a small closed space or a small room if there is no tent.

Take it with you anytime

The method is suitable, but we need to be just right. The sugar glider is a nocturnal animal that sleeps during the day and comes out to play and eat at night. The method starts with the habit of the sugar glider. The specific way is to prepare a small pet outing bag in advance, which needs to be of the type with a small space, soft texture, and good air quality.

When we go out during the day, we can put the sugar glider in this bag and take it with us. Carrying it with you does not mean that you are allowed to disturb it at any time. You can touch it gently, but don’t take it out quickly because the sugar glider is easy to stress.

Force contact with the sugar glider

Many people use this method, but not all sugar gliders like this one.

If you want to force contact, grab it with your hands and hold it. This method doesn’t mean everyone can grasp it rudely. It requires specific skills.

Many people are afraid of being bitten by sugar gliders, and must be overcome. This will make the sugar gliders think that you are scared of them, and its threats and attacks can be effective, and in the future, they will use it often.

You don’t have to worry about being bitten by a sugar glider because it doesn’t carry rabies virus and plague.

The action is firm and unshakable; hold it firmly but don’t use too much force to hurt it. After grabbing it, wrap it in the palm of your hand, and the sugar glider will calm down after struggling for a while.

In conclusion

It takes a long time to let sugar gliders eliminate fear and develop feelings with us, so we need to have enough patience and not give up easily. Sugar gliders will become our friends if the right approach is followed.