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What Dog Has To Say To His Owner?

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A lot of pet owners are under the impression that all their dog wants is a little affection, their time, toys, and good food. However, this is not true because dogs expect a lot from their owners but are not able to say it. This is why it is vital to understand what exactly your dog wants from you and give the same for their elevated happiness and peace of mind. 

Pats & Rubs But No Hugs

Dogs are love sponges and the more you love them, they ask for it, even more, because they can never get enough of you. So, you pat and rub their bellies and also hug them when you are feeling more affectionate towards them. As a pet parent, you must know that dogs don’t like getting hugged as it makes them feel more anxious. When hugged, the dog gets the feeling that they are trapped and this is why they get scared of hugs. Love your dog in any way but avoid hugging them as they don’t want you to do that. 

Toys Are What They Want

Just the way humans love their things, the dogs are also the same in this aspect as they also want things that exclusively belong to them.  From food bowl to bed to toys, they just love their things, so as a pet parent, you must not shy away from buying more toys and other dog products for your beloved pooch. Also, if your dog is chewing on your things, your shoes for example, it means that they are asking for more toys and attention from you. Don’t ignore such a sign as that is their way of communicating with you.

Puzzle Toy Is What They Love

Puzzle Toys for Furry Baby

When you are considering buying toys for your dog, don’t just stick to the simple ones but choosing some challenging puzzles that they could solve and get a treat as a reward will be a great option. This is because dogs need mental stimulation in a desperate manner because they start acting out when bored. So, if you are busy working, give your dog a puzzle to solve that would keep it occupied with a particular task.

Say No To Dog Outfits

Yes! It is quite understandable that your dog is just like a baby to you but that doesn’t mean that you should make your pooch wear outfits. They simply hate getting dressed as additional clothes add warmth, making the dog uncomfortable. However, that doesn’t mean that you skip jacket during winters as that is essential for the dog. 

A Peaceful Nap In A Quiet Spot

Pooch Outfits

Dogs are quite sleepy and when they have nothing much to do, they prefer to sleep. However, this doesn’t mean that your dog can take a nap at any place and at any time. Even if they sleep in a noisy surrounding doesn’t mean that they are okay with it. An improper sleep can make them grouchy and aggressive so always let your dog sleep peacefully.

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