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What are the basic norms for storing a large chunk of dog food?

Pets are no less than your child. When it comes to taking care of your dog there is no compromise. You want to do your best. A major part of the care factor knows how to store the food that your dog eats properly. Many a time it is seen that the kind of food they eat is not in its right quality only because it was stored in the wrong manner. Also, the food if dry can be soggy if there is water or air inside the pouch. Sometimes due to negligence, there can be ants or other insects as well. Hence it is always better to know the basic norms for storing a large chunk of dog food.

Norms For Storing A Large Chunk Of Dog Food

Here are a few things that need to be kept in mind:

Store Large Chunks of Dog Food

  • Always remember that to restore the nutrient quotient of the food it is advisable to store it in a cool and dry place. It will be better if the temperature is less than 38 degrees Celsius. 
  • Another advice is it is better to keep the dog food inside the packaging it initially came with. If you pour it in some other jar the material of the container might not be friendly to the food. Also when you keep the food in the bag it had come with, it is better, as the carry bags come with a fat barrier layer. Also, remember when you transfer the food to another container the odour and the flavor of the food is slightly affected. Use a zip lock to maintain the airtight atmosphere.
  • If you at all have to store large chunks of dog food then it is better to store in tins made up of metal. 
  • While storing do not keep the packet or container on the floor. It is better to keep it in a cupboard and avoid insect infestation. 
  • Canned dog food should be preserved well. In case you open any canned food and after serving half a portion there is still a lot left in the can the best thing to do is to store in the refrigerator. The cooler it is the better. However, canned food should not be kept in store for more than 5 days after the can has been opened.
  • Also while storing do keep in consideration that if you store in a container then the best container should be provided and not many websites that cater to pet supplies have such containers.

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