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Heart-warming pet stories that bring the prettiest smile on your face

Pets are the furry love that our hearts can’t get enough of. At the end of a tiresome day when you return and a soft fur ball greets you with that longing in their eyes, what else can a person want? It is love experienced in the truest form ever.

Pet Stories That Will Brighten Your Day

Below are some Heart-warming pet stories that bring the prettiest smile on your face

Tim and brownies story

Tim and brownies story- It was a rainy afternoon when a white and brown scarred face met times eyes. The bond was an instant one. After two summers have passed, brownie sits on Tim’s lap safe and secure. The puppy who was so malnourished and was so thin and feeble now races and jumps and is jolly. This story of rescuing a puppy and making a part of Tim’s family not only rescued the poor dog but also brought immense love in his life. The happiness that the pet brought makes his family a complete one now! Now at times, they both go out on café dates. He takes brownie to pet-friendly café’s and they both enjoy a date together often. Brownie indeed loves brownies.

Snowy black dog Story

Snowy’s story- With Ticks all over the body, the dog struggled badly to even see who was standing near her to rescue her forever into a life of sunshine. Snowy was a healthy baby but with a careless master, she was left unattended and finally abandoned. She had her years of nightmare and had struggled enough to finally arrive at the verge of giving up. The poor pup was brought to veterinary care and with diligent care, medication, and attention she finally recovered. Her skin got better and now she is adopted to a happy family. With her new family, she has a new life. A rebirth for snowy. Snowy is a black dog and she arrived on the day when it was snowing hard and hence her name. Snowy brought warmth in every winter.

Bruno dog story

Bruno was a paralyzed child since birth. The fact he could never play in the garden and the house-made Samantha, the pet owner engulf in depression. With a ray of hope in mind, she ventured out to fight for the little one. Both Bruno and Samantha were together in this battle. Doctors, surgeries, clinic visits, and years took both of them through a journey that bonded them. It was not only that Bruno was healing but Samantha too was healing with Bruno. Now when Bruno plays with his false legs tied on, Samantha feels like she is 16 once again. In a life where she never had a playful childhood, she relives every moment when Bruno plays.

Dogs and cats are not just pets but like our children. The unconditional emotional affection that is felt is worth the care and attention they need. With https://petquiry.com/ you can now give your dog the best quality food and see your pet grow. Let them have their complete nutrition.

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